16 Oct 2015

Agency Program

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Job Description

NWIHelpWanted.com, a recruitment advertising company in Northwest Indiana, offers the Agency Program, an incentivized marketing program for individuals.

What is the Agency Program? The Agency Program is a partnership between NWIHelpWanted.com and individuals or groups who desire to earn income through the program. Every Agent of NWIHelpWanted.com is given a unique Coupon Code to distribute to businesses and individuals who are hiring in Northwest Indiana. The Coupon Code offers a discount to the business who uses it (for example, 10% off any Job Post). At the end of the month, Agents are paid a fee for every Job Post that was purchased using their unique Coupon Code. Bonuses, including cash and prizes, will occasionally be offered to top performing Agents, or Agents who meet specific criteria.

How to Apply

For more information and to apply to the NWIHelpWanted.com Agency Program, visit www.nwihelpwanted.com/agency-program/.

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