What is NWIHelpWanted.com? NWIHelpWanted.com is a local job posting service. Employers who desire to hire the talented people who live in the communities of Northwest Indiana pay a fee to advertise their open positions.
  Is there a fee for using NWIHelpWanted.com? NWIHelpWanted.com brings together employers and job-seekers in Northwest Indiana. There is no fee for job-seekers to view or apply to jobs. There is a fee for employers to post jobs or advertise on the site.
  How much does it cost to post a job on NWIHelpWanted.com? Job Posts are available in multiple packages and vary in price. See our pricing page for current packages. In addition to our standard 35 day Job Post, NWIHelpWanted.com offers several products to help your Job Post gain more attention, such as digital advertising.
  How long does a Job Post stay active? Our standard Job Post is active for 35 days. Other options are available, including longer and shorter posting time frames; for more information email info@nwihelpwanted.com.
  Can I purchase more than one Job Post at a time? Is there a discount for bulk orders? Employers can purchase Job Posts in bulk at a discounted rate. For more information on bulk ordering, email info@nwihelpwanted.com.
  What is a Featured Job Post? A Featured Job Post is an add-on product meant to increase engagement by making a Job Post stand out on the home page or at the top of search results. Two Featured Job Posts appear at the top of every search result page. The order of the two Featured Job Posts varies and is random. In addition to appearing at the very top of search results, Featured Job Posts have a slightly different color background from regular Job Posts.
  How do I purchase digital advertising on NWIHelpWanted.com? NWIHelpWanted.com offers several opportunities for digital display advertising to our local, talented audience. As a general rule, we prefer site sponsors to be actively seeking employees through their advertising on the site. Display ads are sold as Share of Voice agreements over a period of time.  A Box and a Banner are available. For more information, email info@nwihelpwanted.com.
  Can I work for NWIHelpWanted.com? NWIHelpWanted.com works with talented individuals through permanent employment and through our Agency Program. We advertise our permanent positions on our own website.
  What is the NWIHelpWanted.com Agency Program? The Agency Program allows individuals and organizations to earn money by introducing businesses to NWIHelpWanted.com. For more information visit the NWIHelpWanted.com Agency Program page.
  I applied for a position, but I haven’t heard anything, is there anything I can do? NWIHelpWanted.com partners with businesses to advertise open positions. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over how a business manages their hiring process. While our view is that all applicants should be treated with the same respect businesses treat their customers, we have no say in the matter. The national average hiring process takes five to eight weeks from application to formal hiring.
  I’m not a business, can I advertise a job on NWIHelpWanted.com? Yes! While other job posting sites do not allow this, NWIHelpWanted.com does offer our Private Party category exclusively for non-business hires. We do caution both job-seekers and job-posters to be cautious when using this service, and offer several safety tips for using this service.
  Why should my business use NWIHelpWanted.com when there are so many other options for posting jobs? NWIHelpWanted.com is the best choice for advertising jobs in Northwest Indiana for many reasons, here are a few: Local: NWIHelpWanted.com is the only job site exclusively focused on Northwest Indiana. Major websites list our region as a suburb of Chicago, causing jobs to never be seen because they are buried too quickly or because a user does not search in Illinois for local jobs. Pricing: Our pricing is very competitive. LinkedIn charges $399, The Times sells packages with Monster.com at $525 for eight lines, DesMoinesHelpWanted.com charges $385. Social Media Presence:  NWIHelpWanted.com enjoys a strong presence on several social media platforms. Jobs are shared on these platforms and are often shared by our followers, who may know qualified candidates perfect for the job being advertised. Commitment: Our team partners with local organizations, including chambers of commerce, employment organizations, and non-profits focused on job creation in the region. These relationships help us to share our advertised jobs with qualified individuals. We work hard to please our customers by growing our audience in quantity and quality; no one works harder to connect businesses to talent in Northwest Indiana!
  Is NWIHelpWanted.com mobile friendly? Is there an NWIHelpWanted.com app? NWIHelpWanted.com is completely mobile friendly. An NWIHelpWanted.com app is planned and will be developed at a future date. For updates on our progress visit our social media sites.
  What does NWI stand for? NWI stands for Northwest Indiana, an incredible region of talented individuals and the home of NWIHelpWanted.com LLC and its owners.
  Is NWIHelpWanted.com independent? NWIHelpWanted.com is completely independent and is wholly owned and operated by a family living in the region.
  Is NWIHelpWanted.com involved in local organizations? NWIHelpWanted.com is proud to be a member of local chambers of commerce and professional organizations. The owners of NWIHelpWanted.com are actively involved in the community where they are proud to work, live, and worship.
  If I advertise a job on NWIHelpWanted.com, will it be seen anywhere else? NWIHelpWanted.com works hard to actively promote Job Posts purchased on the site. We are very motivated to help connect the good people of Northwest Indiana with great jobs and make it a rule of thumb to go the extra mile to inform the workforce about the great opportunities being offered. Job Posts are often shared via social media, email campaigns, marketing pieces, verbal announcements in public settings, job fairs, and other venues.
  How does NWIHelpWanted.com get people to see my Job Post? NWIHelpWanted.com leverages focused local marketing campaigns, social media presence, organization memberships, signage, sponsorships, email campaigns, search engine optimization, job fairs, and strategic partnerships to supplement our word-of-mouth advertising. We work hard to inform job-seekers about great opportunities in Northwest Indiana.
  Does NWIHelpWanted.com reject any Job Posts? Yes. NWIHelpWanted.com reserves the right to refuse business and practices this right when Job Posts violate our terms and conditions or decency policy. As a general rule, those ads that cannot be verified and appear suspicious are rejected to protect our job-seekers from scams. Also, jobs that are considered predatory by the site owners, such as those of the “adult industry” are rejected.
  I offer business products or services, how can I contact a representative of your company to offer something for sale? We prefer solicitations come via email to info@nwihelpwanted.com. Phone calls for sales purposes are not preferred. NWIHelpWanted.com prefers to do business with local vendors.
  I have a question that does not appear on this list, how can I get an answer? We believe in exceptional service and would be happy to answer your question. Please send it to info@nwihelpwanted.com.