Agency Program, a recruitment advertising company in Northwest Indiana, offers the Agency Program, an incentivized marketing program for individuals. What is the Agency Program? The Agency Program is a partnership between and individuals or groups who desire to earn income through the program.
  What is is a recruitment advertising website. Businesses who are seeking employees can purchase Job Posts to advertise their open positions. Job seekers can use the site to search and apply for jobs in Northwest Indiana.
  How do I earn money? Every Agent of is given a unique Coupon Code to distribute to businesses and individuals who are hiring in Northwest Indiana. The Coupon Code offers a discount to the business who uses it (for example, 10% off any Job Post). At the end of the month, Agents are paid a fee for every Job Post that was purchased using their unique Coupon Code. Bonuses, including cash and prizes, will occasionally be offered to top performing Agents, or Agents who meet specific criteria.
  Do I have to sell anything? Technically, no. Agents are given a unique Coupon Code which they distribute to businesses and individuals who are hiring. When a business completes a purchase on the website using the Coupon Code the Agent is rewarded at the end of the month.
  How much money can I make? Some Agents will be more successful than others at distributing their Coupon Code to businesses or individuals who will use it. A pay schedule, including current rates, is available upon request by emailing Agents who target appropriate businesses who in turn use their Coupon Codes can earn an unlimited amount; there is no cap on commission.
  How much work is this? The amount of work required is entirely up to the Agent. Active Agents who work hard will see more success and will make more money. Some Agents will make very little effort and so should expect very little results. Others will be very active and will be more successful.
  How long can I be an Agent? The Agency Program has several small requirements. If an Agent meets the requirements every month then their Coupon Code will remain active and they will be able to earn money. If an Agent does not meet the requirements, their Coupon Code will expire and they will no longer be an active Agent.
  What are the requirements for being an Agent? The following requirements are for Individual Agents. Organizations wishing to fundraise through the Agency Program have a different set of requirements, available by Email request to Agents must:
  • Be 18 years old
  • Sign and adhere to the Professionalism Agreement
  • Have a valid Email address
  • Complete and submit a 1099 document
  • Compete occasional Training Assignments (generally this means reading a one page document and sending one email confirming you’ve read it)

  Are Agents Employees of Participants in the Agency Program are NOT employees of Agents are Independent Contractors who fill out a 1099 form and are responsible for filing their own State and Federal Income Taxes independent of
  Why does offer the Agency Program? is the result of much entrepreneurial effort made by the company’s owners. The owners believe in hard work, creative marketing, and the economic development of the region, especially related to job growth. This business is locally owned and locally focused. The Agency Program currently fits the efficiency, entrepreneurial, and equality goals of, and it is the sincere hope of the owners that the individuals and organizations who participate will be blessed by the flexibility and supplemental income potential of the program.
  How do I sign up? What if I have more questions? For more information about the Agency Program please send an email to